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    тнс энерго ростов

    1. Hurricane "Andrew".Build date - August 23, 1992, the date of the collapse - 28 August 1992. The element passed through the territory of the northwestern Bahamas, southern Florida and southwest Louisiana.2. Hurricane "Mitch"Build date - October 22, 1998, the date of dissolution of 9 November 1998. The element was formed in the Western Caribbean sea; she walked through the territory of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and struck the final blow in Florida.3 Read more... Category: More than photo

    Specialty "pilot" can not get everything, even willing, people. For mastery of the control plane will need to know some important qualities in the character of the future professional. Responsible, serious approach to work, composure and, of course, no fear of heights - acrophobia.However, having all the skills of flight training all the necessary knowledge, pilots are becoming lucky. These people are lucky already, at least in the fact that they face almost daily view of our planet Read more...

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