места бытования народных художественных промыслов

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    продажа однокомнатных квартир город

    The story about the found photo album a few years ago was spread around the Internet and came to the news of the TV channel "Culture". A young man, walking through Peter noticed the mountain of discarded junk. Old furniture, hats, handbags, books, magazines and the photo album. Big, dirty, improvised and highly moldy from moisture. But some of the photos you could see. The works were dated from the early 1960s until the early 1980-ies. They liked the young man that he took that photo album, scanned images and uploaded them to my online journal. This entry received an incredible response. Bloggers passed on this link, as they say, from hand to hand.

    Iceland. The only building on the island. Bjarnarey, which is part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. Island Bjarnarey. USA. Colorado. Wooden power plant "crystal mill on the crystal river. Power Plant "Crystal Mill". Georgia. Kaziyski Pillar. The Georgian Orthodox Church. Kaziyski Pillar. Faroe Islands. The village of G?sadalur on the island of Wear. As of 2012, the village`s population was 18 people. Serbia. House on the Drina river. House on the Drina river. The island of Tristan da Cunha. The settlement of Edinburgh of the seven seas. The settlement of Edinburgh of the seven seas. Norway. Svalbard global seed vault on Spitsbergen island. Illustration of the world semenaxreview. Slovenia. The Carniola Region. Mariinsky Church on the island of lake Bled. Mariinsky Church. China. Shaanxi Province. The Chinese pavilion on Huashan mountain.

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